Friday, December 11, 2009

Here's another project we will be making at my Hostess Thank You party. Funny I don't think any of my girls look at my blog, so they won't even know about this until they come on Saturday. Anyway, it's a cute note holder box that I got from Teri's blog. She gives directions on how to make it on her blog. You can put little 3x3 cards in it or candy. I just thought it was cute box.

Just in case you have not noticed I LOVE boxes!!!

I hope the girls enjoy making this. I have several projects planned for them and then we are doing a shoebox swap, eating lunch, having door prizes and then I'm giving them all gifts. How can I not?? These clubs are the most WONDERFUL group of ladies!!! They buy from me all year long and come to all of my classes and workshops. A few of them are even my downline and still are members of my clubs!! So, they deserve a day of receiving instead of buying!!!


Liz said...

I'm loving it!

Denise said...

I love the box/bag.

heather said...

Thanks for sharing your cute project and the link to the instructions ! I'm now following you, #248 on the list from SC