Friday, January 1, 2010


These are a few pictures from our trip. We really did not take many pictures at all. My kids DO NOT like taking pictures and complain every time I ask them to. So, I took what I could when I could and these were probably the best ones. We were at Disney for 5 days and these are all the pictures I got. I guess I'm lucky. What do you expect from a 17 and 20 year old?

Oh and yea, I do have a husband. You never see pictures of him cuz he is the one usually taking them!!

We went to Magic Kingdom twice because it is MY Favorite park. I was really disappointed that it was NOT decorated more. It looks decorated here, but this was it. I thought the whole park would be decorated, but nope!! We still enjoyed it.

Yea, I'm pretty short. My husand is 6'2 and both my kids are taller than me!!

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