Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sorry, I have been so busy with classes, hostess clubs and such that I have not been able to post much lately.  But the most important news I have to share with all of you has nothing to do with stamping, but alot to do with my life. Well mainly my husbands career!! 

My husband, Jim,  is in the Navy.  He enlisted 32 years ago and 9 years into his service he was picked up as LDO.  Well for those military spouses, you know that that is a big deal.  He has worked is way up the rank and as of this week we found out that he made CAPTAIN!!  This is a great accomplishment!!I am so proud of him!!!

Jim is home this week and we have celebrated his promotion and my son's birthday.  Today, my first born is 21 years old!!   Happy Birthday Robert!!!

Hope to get back to Stamping soon and to have some new post to share with all you!!

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Gilmore Girls said...

Wow!!! I am so glad that I checked in - I need to catch up with you.
Congrats to Jim!
Michele :)