Saturday, March 6, 2010


Ok, so I borrowed my daughter's camera and was able to take the last few pictures of the recipes in my cookbook.  Now, I have already heard comments about whose was first and so on.  They are not in any special order.  Well they are in the order that they were placed in my cookbook.  So, no they are not my favorite to least favorite or anything else.  They were just randomly put in my cookbook and then I took pictures.  These last ones I took out of the slipcover so that you could see them better.  So, I hope I did not hurt anyone's feelings by when your recipe was put up.  I liked all of them and wanted to share them.  I do have to go back and make sure I did take pictures of all the recipes.  

This is Julia's recipe.

                           This is Sherry's recipe (she did two)

This is Lynne's recipe.

Hope yall enjoyed all these great cookbook recipes!!   

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