Friday, March 12, 2010

Ok, way back when...I made a box with cards and such to put inside. Well I took a picture of the box and contents, but never uploaded the contents.  Since, I have not bought a battery for my camera, I figured I would post something old.   The set is current and cardstock are current, it's just I did this like a year ago.

This was the luggage tag that I made to match the box and card.

 Funny, I can't remember if this was a card or a notebook covered.  But I think it was a notebook that I covered.  You can't tell, so you it could be either.  

This was a little post it note holder with a magnet on the back.  I made this whole set and put it inside a box and gave it as a birthday gift like over a year ago.  Hope yall enjoy!! 

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