Friday, June 4, 2010

Tropical Can with Coasters

My friend, Darnell, brought me some of these empty cans and asked if I could do anything with them?  I said I'll see.  Well I came up with some coasters to go inside.  Now, the can can hold alot more than 4 coasters, but I just made 4 to go inside.  I am using this as one of my door prizes for my Luau Stamp Camp this Saturday.  

 This is the top of the can.  I decorated it all the same.  Made it easier for me. I left the red around the can, but maybe I should of put ribbon or something, but am kinda pressed for time.

 These are the coasters that are inside the can.  I tried doing a  "Zindorf's" style coaster.  They were fairly easy to make.  I used round coasters used ink spots and dragged them directly onto the coaster starting with So Saffron at the bottom for sand, then bashful blue and last brocade blue.  I put a small circle down first so that it left the moon or sun imprint on the coaster.  Lastly I used modge podge to cover them so they really could be used as coasters.  Well I hope they can.  

Here is just one of the coasters.  I used the Itty Bittys (cannot believe those are retiring...if you don't have them, you better get them!! because they make wonderful sand, fillers and such).  Hope you like this project and the person that wins them enjoys them!!

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