Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Believe PrePay Class

I held a prepay class this past week.  We used the Just Believe stamp set from Stampin' Up!  IB&C.  These were the 3 cards that we made.  I cased all of them and just changed them the up a little.  Very little.  Added ribbon to one, changed ribbon on one, took ribbon away from one and added a sentiment to the the other.  Just little things, but I liked the way they turned out and my customers really liked them too!!

  This one was my favorite and easiest to do.  

 Excuse the blurry pictures...I think my battery must be getting low.  I could not get a clear picture.   Anyway I thought this one was the most beautiful one.  I think this one was a case from Teneale WilliamsShe has some beautiful work on her blog.  

 This card was a combination of cards that I saw on Stampin' Connection.  I was trying to use most of the stamps in the set and not just stick to one stamp cuz I saw plenty of beautiful cards with the stamp in the first two cards, but I wanted to use more stamps from the set and we did!!


Heather Pilz said...

Wow! Love all three of these! I think I saw one at Colleen's and took a picture of it, but didn't know it was yours! Awesome Job! Now I have to make one!!

Stamping Aweigh with Norma said...

Well as I said in my blog, I cased these cards. But they are fabulous and that is why I cased them!!