Monday, March 14, 2011

Birthday Card/Gift

I went to a birthday party and this was the gift that I gave one of the girls.  I made the rose out of the owl punch.  Yes, I said the owl punch! I went to this website and there is a wonderful video tutorial on how to make this flower.  

 This is the inside of the card.  I saw a card very similar in a craft magazine, but it used a die and I did not have it.  So I figured out how to make the card and then was stumped (not unusual for me) on how to make the center so it had a 3D effect.  My friend and downline, Sherry, told me how to do it.  Well me being a visual learner, could not understand, so she had to make the pleats to show me and then I got it!!  I love how this card turned out.  I hope the birthday girl did too!!

In the middle frame, I made a necklace using the medium beveled windowpanes.  I did mess up on attaching it to the card.  I meant to used something so it could be taken off, but I was anxious to finish it, so it is glued in and was not suppose to be.  She will have to tear it to get it out if she wants to wear the necklace.  

On the last panel I wanted a script Happy Birthday, but could not find a current one that I liked, so I just wrote Happy Birthday.  I did it after I took the picture, but that is why there is so much room under the "just for you" stamped image.  


Sherry said...

Just love this Norma, very Vintage and the colors work together really well. The card is GREAT!!

Carrie Sampsel said...

This is beautiful!! I love the vintage look. TFS

valita said...

Beautiful colour great job! thanks for the link aback Valita

Chiara said...

Beautiful! Do you have a tutorial on how to make the shadow box card? It's so pretty! Awesome work!

Stamping Aweigh with Norma said...

Thanks for the comments!

Sorry, I do not have a tutorial or do videos. I had a class on this card and it went well, but I was able to show and explain. Too hard for ME to make it into a tutorial...I dont' know how you guys do it. There are a tons of steps to this card.

The card is mine and the rose is Valita's from her website.

If I figure something out, I will let you know!