Saturday, January 28, 2012

Special Event while at Leadership

Thanks to Twila, a former Leadership roomie, Cheryl Adams and I were able to participate as audience fillers for the last taping of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. 

It was such a fun and interesting night.  This last taping was for the Wounded Warriors.  They were able to give 10 homes away!  This show will be aired Dec 2012. 

Here it was January and they were filming a Christmas show.  There was a Christmas Parade, Santa was there and there were even people with with Santa hats on.  The Riverwalk was decorated for Christmas for this night.  It was just really something to see.

We were also able to go to a special reception where Lee Greenwood performed "Proud to Be an American". 

Roger Clemens donated some time to teach/play baseball with the highest bidder at the auction. 

Ty Pennington was there filming his part.  The other cast were there, but did not film any during the time we were there.  This was all done on the Riverwalk.  We did not get to see the house, but we got to see all the Soldiers that will receive homes, except for the actual family that they were making the home for that week. 

A night I will remember for a long time.  I was in tears as these service men and women rec'd their homes and were so humble.  Can't wait to see the acutal show in Dec.

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