Friday, March 16, 2012

Cute litte Chick

My downline made this cute little chick treat bag at my downline meeting last week.  It is really easy to make.

Cut a piece of cardstock (I used daffodil delight) to 3 1/4 x 11.

Score on the long side at 2", 5 3/4" & 7 1/4'
**Please note the measurements are correct now. They were originally posted with incorrect measurements!**
Make the 2" flap round.  I  traced a small round plate and hand cut it.  I glued the "hair" to the back of the treat holder.  I used the Blossom Bouqet Triple Layer Punch.  I moved the little bar over to the last notch.  The feet are made from the Blossom Punch.  I used the banner punch for the beak and the owl punch for the eyes. 

Here are some pictures to hopefully help you understand what I used and how I scored the cardstock.

These are the punches I used.  The arrows are pointing to the the pieces I used.  I did use the last one on the middle punch.  I also used the blossom punch, but it is not pictured.

                          These are the pieces that I punched.

This is how I cut each piece to make the parts for the chick.  I used the arrows to point to the pieces I used from banner punch and the Triple Layer Punch.  You can get two pieces out of the triple layer punch and more feet from the Blossom Punch if you want. 

I cut a piece of cardstock to 3 1/4 x 11.  Score this on the long side at 2, 5  3/4 and 7 1/4.  **Please note the measurements in the picture are incorrect, the measurements mentioned here are correct now** Here is a picture just to show you how to score the cardstock.  Sorry it is not close enough to see, but I think if you click on the picture it should make it bigger. It is simple and am sure you have made many of these before and did not even need this picture.

This is what the top looks like.  I just took a small plate and traced around it to make straight edge curved and then cut it out.

I put some jelly beans in our little 3x5 cellophane bags.  Stapled it shut and added a strip of adhsive to the top and placed it onto the inside of the treat holder.

Here is a side view of the chick.  I put the nose on w/a dimensional and used that to keep it shut.  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy Stamping!!

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