Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Girls Vacation

Sorry I have been MIA.  Went away for a week with my peeps!!  This was our second year to do this!! We had a week long stamping and scrapbooking venture! Tons of stamping, scrapping, talking, laughing, eating, drinking, staying up late, waking up late, and well just good old plain fun with my downline!! 

Here are just a few of the pictures that I can share! 

This is the resort we stayed at. There were a total of 6 of us that went.  Some were able to stay the whole week and others for just a few days.  Still we all had a great time and enjoyed our time together!

Our place. We had 4 bedrooms.  It was 2 rooms right next to each other.  One stayed nice and clean and this one was where it all went down!!  I got this before picture, but did not take an after. Like after we started having fun with stamping! We had 3 tables and tons of stuff! It's ok...who needs pictures?? We will always remember this weekend! Maybe Toni has a few pictures she will share???

This was Anne's shirt! Perfect for our week!! We made many great memories and had such a good time!! Maybe that is why we did not take more pictures! 

Or maybe this is why we did not take more pictures! Might have to delete this one...so look quick!!

First night!! Ok, so we did not do alot of stamping the first night. Everyone got there between 4pm-6pm. It was Friday night. We ate, drank and played Mexican Train.  I was hooked (Thanks Toni!!)and I wanted to play til I won! Well ,or until Anne left cuz she had such low numbers. We all knew she was throwing her dominoes on the floor so she could win! LOL!!

We did make a project that night, but again, I did not even take a picture of it. It was a cute little punch art duck. It was an easy project for our first night. We will not talk about the rest of the weekend...I'll just say we had FUN!!

Early Monday morning we loaded up and left to DC to go to the Container Store, Ikea, and visit Darnell (one of my downline that had to move to DC) and then shop for hours at Hobby Lobby in Fredericksburg. Where's Toni??

                      There she is ...all the way in the back!! 
                This was the trunk BEFORE our shopping excursion.
Here's the group at a store in the DC area. Dottie, Pattie, Darnell, Toni, Sherry and Me!! Again, alot of fun and it was great to see Darnell and catch up. Just not enough time.

At Ikea!  Love that place!

And this is what the trunk looked light when we got back!! 

Not bad for 4 girls shopping all day.  Our husbands would be so proud of us. We saved so much money!! HaHa! 

Ok Girls, start saving your vacation time!!  I'm thinking same time frame, same place next year!

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