Monday, May 21, 2012

Calling all Stampers - New Hostess Clubs Forming!

Starting a new round for Hostess Clubs.  I have one club filled and one almost filled.  If you are interested in joing our Club, please email me at or leave a message here.  

We meet once a month and have a  GREAT time!!  This is a year long commitment.   There is a $25.00 min before s/h and tax each month.  We start clubs in June.

You can have your party at my house.  You bring your snacks, food, drinks, etc when it is your month.  We make 3 projects if it is at my house.  If you want to have it at your house, then we make 2 projects. 

If interested or want more info, please email me!!  You can look back at some post to see some of the projects we have made in the past.

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