Monday, August 20, 2012

Sorry I have not posted!

Sorry to all my blog readers that I have not posted for quite a while!!  I have had a lot going on.  I was busy around here getting ready for a stamp camp in July and then my mom got sick. 

I went home to Texas to spend some time with her.  The doctors sent her home with hospice care.  I got there on a Sunday and she passed away early Wed morning.  I am glad I got to spend her last few days with her, but it was tough watching her die. 

After the funeral we came back home, but I had alot going on here.  My downline and I were getting ready for a huge camp...which by the way was a complete success!

There has been alot going on with my family and family ALWAYS comes first over stamping and blogging.  

Then just when I thought things would be back to normal and I would be home for awhile,  my daughter had a car accident on Saturday.  Thank God, she is ok.  Minor burns from the air bags deploying and sore from the accident, but she did not get hurt and neither did the other driver.  BUT her car is probably totaled.  The adjusters will let us know in a day or two.  Unfortunately, we live in VA and she lives in TX. So, now we are trying to find a vehicle for her and get it to her.  Looks like another road trip for us.

So, every time I think I will be getting back to my stamping and  blogging, something seems to come up.  I will try posting a few pics for yall.  I hope to have some up soon. 
Thanks for being patient and continuing to visit my blog!!

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Debi said...

Norma so sorry to hear about your mom. I just got back from visiting Loretta in Texas.
Debi Pippin