Saturday, January 5, 2013

7 Foreign Exchange Students 3 Moms & 1 Friend

That is what I had at a Christmas card class.  One of the "Moms" is a friend of mine and she was in charge of the activity for November. So, We made cards!! 
They did a great job for never having stamped before.  They were very creative and not intimated to do their own thing and make their cards their.
I believe this the is best group of people I have had!  For never stamping they listened and followed directions so well.  We were a little crowded, but they all wanted to stay in one room, so we squeezed everyone around the table.
We even had one boy to stamp with us.  He was probably the most meticulous one.  Made sure everything was just right...Loved it!!
The cards we made were cased from either Pinterest or Stampin' Connection.  I had the name of the people for the class so they would know I did not come up with the ideas on my own, but I lost they by the time I got around to the post.  So, if they are you creations, please let me know and I will be glad to give you full credit. 

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