Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our New House

Just thought I would share a picture of our new house. We will be moving soon and this is our new house. 
To my friends and customers you are all aware of the changes that will be taking place soon.  To my blogger friends and readers, my husband will be transferring in the summer.  We have made the decision to purchase our retirement house now.   The timing was just right for this house, and we will live apart while he is at his last duty station.  Hard to believe that he will finally be retiring from the Navy in the near future.  I am getting excited about moving, but it will be hard to leave all my dear friends and customers.  I guess they will just have to come visit me! 
This move will be hard for me Stampin' wise.  I will have to start basically all over with customers and meeting new people.  It will already be a struggle living apart from my husband.  I don't know how people do it with stampin' and moving?    How do I start my business all over again?  Meet new people, learn the area and try and hold parties especially when our HOA is so strict with their rules!    Anyone have any suggestions?


Eileen Lang said...

Best of luck in your move, and enjoy your beautiful new home! Looks like a great place for stamping.

Stamping Aweigh with Norma said...

Thanks Eileen.