Saturday, January 19, 2013

Swaps and Another Winner at Leadership!

I made a few gifts for some fellow Inky Angels and friends that I have made attending Leadership.  I can say that I have made some GREAT friends being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.  Each year I attend Leadership I meet new people and they become those friends that you do not keep in touch with too often, but every Leadership you can't wait to see them to say hi and see how their family and life is going. 
Being a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator is more than selling stamps or having parties.  It is meeting the Best, Friendliest life long friends you will ever have.  I have to say Thank You to Stampin' Up! because without this business I would never have traveled to the places I have been or met the incredible people I have met!  It is a wonderful job, organization and really the best therapy that I have ever had.  Stamping relaxes me and brings me together with people that love doing what I am doing.  I love sharing what I do, but there is just not enough time in the day or week to share and do everything I would like to do.  Thank you to all my friends and customers who have made me who I am in Stampin' Up!
Boy, I did not mean to go on like that, but it is how I feel and I was going to delete it after I wrote it, but thought, hey, this is how I feel and I am sure alot of you feel, so why not say it and leave it.  All that from this one little picture.  I won't apologize. But I  know it was long and quite different from my regular post.
One of my card swaps using the new More Amore Specialty Designer Paper #129309 for $12.95 in the Spring Catalog. You will LOVE it!!
My friend and roommate, Liz Velasquez (see I do know what your last name is Liz!) won the Oh Whale! stamp set #129132 (clear) $16.95 and the Happy Whale Clearlits Die #129403 $7.50.  Congratulations Liz!! Now show me some projects!!  This was at our pajama party night! 
I kid with Liz about her last name because I made all my roommates some gifts with their names on them.  I don't know why...we have been friends for like 3 years and I misspelled her last name on both gifts.  I think I was just in a hurry.  I am so sorry and working on new ones. You will have them at our swap on Monday! 
Hey, on another note. Funny how the person in the background is smiling.  I guess they knew they were going to be in the background!!  Thanks for smiling!

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