Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spring Time Framed Art

Had a birthday celebration to attend and we all had to make one gift.  This is what I chose to do.  I made this framed art (w/o the glass so it could stand out 3D style) which was very similar to something I saw on Pinterest.  Of course, whoever did the one I saw, did a lot more work than I did.  She did about 24 rectangles, but I only did 9 since I was crushed for time.  I like the way it came out.

Here is the "card" that I made for the gift above.  It did not match the framed art, but it was quick and easy.  I put it on a tin and there was Starbucks gift card inside.

I must say with the selling of our house, we have been extremely busy. We were very fortunate to have sold the house to the first person that looked at it!! But now we are going through all the motions. Home inspection - check, pool inspection - check, buyer to sell his house - check, now we are waiting for the appraisal and if that goes well, we should close on April 15. Yea!!  So still alot to do before we pack out and move. 

I don't know how much I will be able to blog, but I am going to try and continue to blog as much as I can.

Thanks for looking!


Eileen Lang said...

I love your frame and card. Such a cute idea.

Stamping Aweigh with Norma said...

Thanks Eileen.